New Mexico Association
of School Psychologists

Mission Statement:

The New Mexico Association of School Psychologists’ (NMASP) mission is to advocate for and promote best practices to enhance students’ learning, behavior, and mental health that are culturally sensitive and respectful of diversity.

1.  Why would I want to join the New Mexico Association of School Psychologists?

NMASP is the only statewide organization representing the interests of school psychologists in New Mexico.  NMASP is an organization dedicated to advocating for appropriate educational and mental health services for children and families.

The Benefits of NMASP Membership include:

NMASP Newsletter containing news about current activities of the organization, recent research, and innovative practices oflocal school psychologists.  Continuing Professional Development at our fall conference.  These are NASP approved CPD's.  .

NMASP Members Listserve and Electronic Bulletin to keep every member informed of important issues for our profession and to update and remind members of the many professional development opportunities both in the state and in states that are nearby.

Networking Information through conferences and the NMASP Membership Directory.

2. How do I join the New Mexico Association of School Psychologists?

It is easy for school psychologists, school psychology students and related professionals to join NMASP. Your E-mail is important for conference confirmations.

To print out, complete and mail the Membership Application: CLICK HERE

3. How do I find out about New Mexico Department of Education (certification) licensing requirements?

For detailed information please go to

4. How do I obtain New Mexico licensure as an Educational Psychologist?

5.  How do I become a Nationally Certified School Psychologist?

The Nationally Certified School Psychologist is the professional credential of the National School Psychology Certification System. The standards for national certification are as follows:

— Completion of a sixth-year specialist or higher level degree program in school psychology with 60 graduate semester hours consisting of course work, practicum, internship, and an appropriate degree from an accredited institution of higher education.

— Successful completion of a 1,200 clock hour supervised internship in school psychology of which 600 hours must be in a school setting.

— Applicants must take and achieve a passing score on the National School Psychology Examination administered by the Educational Testing Service (PRAXIS II: NTE Test #10400). (Prepare for the PRAXIS examination by reviewing Jacob and Hartshorne’s Ethics and Law text, Best Practices IV, and a recent school psychology text).
For more information see:

6. I am a member of NMASP. How do I contact the NMASP Board?

The NMASP membership can communicate directly with the board of directors or with the entire membership that is on line through the NMASP Forums. If you are a member you will have been added to the Forums. If you find that you have not been added please CONTACT US through this website and we will add your email address.

7. Does NMASP have an annual conference?

NMASP has an annual conference in the fall of each year.  The conference is NASP approved and can provide CPD's for re-certification. 

8. Are there training schools in New Mexico?

New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM offers an NCSP certified school psychology program.

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